Let me ask you a couple of questions. How many prints do you from your family CDs right now? How many prints are there on your computer? Have you tried to make prints at home? How did they turn out? Did it take a lot of ink and paper to try to make the color look right? 

Professional printers at labs and card stock companies color calibrate their machine every day. It requires a dark room for your monitor (sunshine on the monitor can change your color) and it must match the ink output on your printer. Many times cheap printers online line just take what they think is an average color for a lot of orders and run prints in bulk. They don't take the time to consider cropping and skin tones. Most of the time the paper and ink are not archival. 

At Tricia & Co. Family Vacation Photographers we take the time to make it right. We work with our vendors for color correction and fine finishes. This is portrait for a lifetime to be passed down the family tree.  As time goes on a photo only increases in value. It never decreases.

Take a look at the examples below. However, keep in mind it might still look different depending on your monitor settings than it does on mine. 

printing photos