Greetings, The reality of true professinal photography for weddings has drastically changed with the introduction of digital cameras. While it's always been true that no one had to have an education to set up a photography business, an individual did have to have film camera skills. With digital photography most people assume that any snap shot or just "taking lots" is good enough. That's sad. 

For portraits, you can simply move on to another studio and re-shoot the family session. However, for weddings there is no second chance. It's an important event. It's the one time when most of the family is present. While candid and magazine style images are beautiful and an important aspect of wedding coverage, it's also imporant to have a great posed and well light image with grandma. 

In response to many recent requests from friends and clients, I wrote a book on what to look for in a good wedding photographer. It's available for .99 cents on iBooks. It's well worth the money for a lifetime of cherished images. Weddings are expensive events. Don't settle for just a few snapshots. Memories and photos will last a lifetime. 

"How to find a good wedding photographer" by Tricia Keffer