Greetings! A common camera problem is blurry photographs. It can be tweaked a little in photoshop but it still won't look as good as a sharp image from the beginning. The first thing to identify is where is the problem. 

Slow shutter speed. I have personally tested my cameras for hand hold shutter speed limits. Most digital SLRs need a tripod. I understand everyone likes to be spontanieous however, the images may not turn out the best. 

Try this simple test. Put your camera on manual and with each photo use a slower shutter speed. Then check the results. See how low you can go before a tripod is a must. Generally speaking not below 1/60 of a second. 

1. The first solution is to use a tripod (three legs) or a monpod (one leg). Or use a faster shutter speed. Also depending on how fast your subject is moving, you'll need to use a faster shutter speed. 

2. Use a shutter release. For sharp images, use a shutter release. Then your hand will not touch the camera and send any vibration to the camera mechanism. 

3. If you don't have a tripod available, lean up against a solid object and hold your breath. This stance will aid you in keeping the camera as steady as possible. 

Cheers! And happy picture taking!