How to pack to go to Paris? It’s every ladies dilemma. The French are world renown for their fashion, art, and food. It can be a bit intimidating. Each trip I’ve made to Paris, I took notes. What makes French women so fashionable? It’s the basics.  It’s being color coordinated without being matchy matchy. 
The first question is the weather. Paris is in line with Montreal, Canada. It’s very chilly even in the summer season. I have found the real “ summer weather” lasts only 6 weeks. However, keep in mind I’m from Hawaii and live in Florida now. If you are going in the summer, plan for the highs to be 82. Most of the day will be in the 70s and the evenings in the 60s. If you are planning an evening dinner cruise, then take a jacket or coat. On the water can be cold if the boat isn’t enclosed. 
The fall and spring are the “shoulder” seasons for tourism. It’s not as cold as winter but not as warm as summer. I usually plan for it to be a high of 70 and most of the day in the 60s. I bring boots and a heavier coat. No dresses for me during that time of year. Of course, you could stop by the hosiery stores and pick up some nice hose for your skirt or dress. They do wear hose in Paris. 
Paris is always a good idea even in the winter. It’s the best time to visit world famous museums like the Louvre and Orsay. The highs are in the 30s maybe 40. The evenings are close to 10. Take your heavy coats, boots, and scarves! I take a hat for extra warmth. 
The Paris fashion staples you’ll need to pack are flat ballet shoes, scarves, and a statement purse. Kira and I complied a book on itunes for .99 (can’t beat that price folks) with different fashion looks you can put together from your closet and your friends closets. 

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Bon Voyage!