How do I plan the perfect trip to Paris? There are so many websites now days with travel advice. Which is really convenient but it can be overwhelming. My first trip to Paris can be described as like an Amazing Race contestant. I was dropped off a bus at the edge of Paris with a cartoon tourist map and address. lol. I had never been on a metro or a subway. It was getting dark and I was hungry after traveling 12 hours straight to get there. I finally found a good hotel room the next day and the rest of the trip was wonderful! 
That was 2004. It’s amazing how much more information is on the web now verse than for traveling. To assist my fellow travelers, I put together a guide for the independent traveler to Paris. What are the must see places in Paris? How do you get around? Is it safe? How do I get euros? I cover all of that and more with 3,5, and 7 days itineraries. 
My book is for the first or second time traveler to Paris. I cover the major areas for you to explore to get the most out of your time. Take it as a true guidance book. We travel to experience something new and exciting. Paris is that kind of city! Just wander around and find your own treasures. We all have our own preferences. I prefer to just be pointed in the right direction and find my own favorite cafes and shops. 
Check out my book here on itunes. It will be the best .99 cent investment for your Paris trip. 
Bon Voyage!