About Tricia

At the heart of Tricia & Co. is award-winning lead photographer Tricia Keffer, who’s among the nation’s top family vacation photographers. Tricia keeps her sessions alive with spontaneity and fun, and her blend of technical know-how and creative energy produces photos that are crisp, clean and professionally done. Tricia loves kids and her beautiful rembrandt lighting portraits will be the heirloom your family will want to pass down the generations.

As an international photographer her home base is her Florida studios. While her professional staff offers indoor, outdoor and wedding photo services year around, Tricia travels. Each summer she is in Paris creating beautiful souvenir portraits and scouting new top vacation destinations for her clients. Click here see a few of her award winning covers and paid publications.

When not traveling, Tricia can be found enjoying lunch with friends & family in local coffee shops and cafes plus spending time with her kitty cats. Her perfect day is relaxing on the beach with a good book. 

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