I'm sure you have seen photos in magazines with the "water moving" look to it. This is a very easy technique to learn. For my examples below, I went down to the water at the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. I placed my camera on a tripod and then took a meter reading. I set my camera so that my shutter speed was less than 1/60 of a second. You can set the shutter as slow as you want to achieve the look you desire. What actually happens is that the water blurs. In the second example, I set my shutter speed very high to stop action on the waves. I liked that as well so that I had a crisp image of the waves coming into shore. 

You will need to try different shutter speed settings on your camera to achieve the amount of blur you desire. Keep in mind though that the exposure still needs to be correct. You'll need to change around the fstop and ISO with the shutter speed. 


blurry waves gulf of mexico