Where to go shopping in Paris, France
The ladies all know the ultimate shopping trip is to Paris, France. My first couple of trips focused on seeing the sights and the museums. After that I decided to explore the shops! It is true that Paris can be expensive but if you know where the locals go, it’s better! It’s not in the malls or the Champs-Elysees. Although during the sales I found a couple of fabulous deals on the Elysees. It’s in the residential areas of Paris where fashionable women know how to shop for the perfect outfits. 
Where do you shop like a local in Paris? I wrote a book putting together my experience from walking around and exploring the different neighborhoods. I arranged my book around the metro stations that you should start at. Then you can take a taxi or the metro there yourself. This is a self guided tour. In these areas, you’ll also find quaint little cafes and small museums to take a break at. 
At each metro stop, I have included directions and the types of shopping you’ll find there in Paris. It’s mostly for the ladies. I’m making the assumption that it’s ladies who will be buying this book. A few streets are short and take only an hour or so to walk down. The big ones are the Marais area and the shopping outlet mall. Remember Paris has two sales periods: Summer and Winter. Look online for the official start to shopping season. 
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